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I see them in the underwear sections of department stores asking for advice for presents for their mums. While older men seem to have the gamut of women to pick from, (anything from 18 upwards to their own age and even a few years above is usually acceptable for most), for women it's a little harder.

The older we get, the more we're restricted we are of our choices of men.

But what baffles me is that the risk of garnering such diseases doesn't manage to scare singletons out of a good time. - Samantha Brett - More Ask Sam blogs here Apparently meeting and picking up women is a difficult, arduous, often embarrassing, unrelenting, highly risky task.

True, talking about contraception isn't the sexiest way to begin an evening, but neither is admitting you've caught an STD from your last casual sex dalliance. ) But my 40-something-year-old New York publicist friend reckons it's not everyone that's shunning protection, just mainly her Gen Y staffers. According to American blokes Ron Louis and David Copeland, who wrote the definitive guide on the subject titled How To Succeed With Women, it's so difficult that hoping to meet a woman is like "hoping your apartment will get clean, but not cleaning it". Yet struggling single men listen up: you don't need to give up all hope just yet.

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So while coupled-up women spend 15 hours a week on chores, single chicks only spend 10. Channel's hit reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" took time out from their busy schedule to chat with us (we caught them shopping at Jimmy Choo).And with everyone lying about the number of partners they've had anyway, (it seems there's a common belief that if you take the bashful approach, they'll have a better chance at getting laid), many don't seem to think there's any risk in going without any protection. True, we were all a little freaked out back in high school sex-ed (and possibly scarred for life) from the condom on the banana thing while our folks sat next to us giggling in the corner, but what about the fear of diseases? It's little wonder then that sexually transmitted infections are on the rise."We've both been tested, they've told me their last partner was clear and so there's no clear risk," says one female colleague who hasn't used a condom in three years. Chlamydia infections have doubled in the last five years with 60% of women and 25% of men getting it.Men are declaring that condoms are "no fun", an "annoying distraction" and a "mood killer" with one gent going so far as to tell me "it's like having sex in a plastic bag".Others muse that the sex becomes more clinical and less intimate when protection becomes an issue. What happened to bedroom rule 101: Always use protection? After witnessing a bunch of single friends discuss their recent casual sex dalliances and encounters, which they say took place without protection, it seems sadly these fears appear increasingly non-existent.

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