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Sure, they’re associated with fluffy slippers, bathrobes and grannies, but they’re also a sure fire way to get add lift to roots while curling the length of your hair.

All of a sudden, the straight hair made me official. If it takes a change in my hairstyle for someone else to take me seriously, then perhaps that is a problem within themselves. My kids (patients) were not big fans of the change. Day 1: The first thing my mom asked when she saw my curly hair was whether I'd be going to the salon. I have been called "Doctor" more today than I have since I started here. The more I thought about it during the day, the more I realized that I was only giving those comments life and validity by allowing them to bother me. She wanted to make sure that I gave everyone a real experience and true insight into what I go through with straight hair. It probably took me an extra 45 minutes to get myself ready today with all of those minutes fully dedicated to my hair. My hair is not something I should have to, nor want to dedicate so much time, thought and energy toward. I must have spent 10 minutes trying to convince him that I was still Ms. It took me years to get there, but I love my curly hair. For our three-day experiment, Jimenez wore her natural curls to see if her assumption was right. I think someone told her that I was participating in this experience and wanted to test me. He said, “Man, any guy would be lucky and happy to have you as his girlfriend. He’d be dating two women at the same time, but it’s the same woman. He’d be cheating on curly-haired you with straight-haired you.” LOL!!! Even though I have my own thoughts on my curly hair (like how it makes me feel like a Chia pet as I watch it grow throughout the day, especially when it's raining or humid outside), it’s me. It's like my parents and sister tell me: It brings my personality to life and adds to my beauty. Claribel Jimenez of Ridgefield Park, NJ straightens her hair for work because she thinks it makes her look more professional.many of them tend to curl their hair as opposed to straighten it.So again in that sense, curly hair is often viewed as more beautiful.

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