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Pick the next most basic thing—saying “Hi” to someone. The whole point is to work with small building blocks and testing them in a low stakes environment.Whenever someone smiles at you, say “Hi.” That’s it. Try to inject different levels of enthusiasm into the greeting. It’s the little skills that eventually build up to form your cool, charming demeanor.Finally, I will actually describe the first steps in code generation.

The "regular expressions" DSL was one of the languages built in the 1970's to assist UNIX developers.

I mentioned this earlier but you might have missed it—listen up, because it’s really important. Don’t get carried away trying all sorts of things at once.

If you’re trying more than one thing, you won’t know what’s working, and that will screw you up. Now you can keep reading this post over and over hoping a goddess will magically fall in your lap, or you can go out there and do something useful with this knowledge by taking action.

Say you spend the whole day both standing closer to people when you greet them AND waiting longer to reply, and find that people respond more favorably than the day before. Now you have to spend a couple extra days testing because you can’t say for sure what’s more important—proximity or pause duration. Look, learning is good, but practice is what’s gonna get you results. Don’t just limit yourself to the examples I gave you.

Keep it simple; only test one new skill at a time and avoid “winging it.” This stuff is important. smiling), take it apart, analyze its separate parts, and then test out different variations on everyone. Once you’ve improved one skill, move on to the next and repeat the process. Try out different tactics and share them in the comments.

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