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This can had a large hole in the top (duh) through which the food was put into the can.

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It had a long curved blade which was driven into the can and then forced around the edge.Naturally, a can opened with a hammer and chisel doesn't necessarily mean it was opened before the invention of the can opener. Pretty much the same things you can buy in the grocery store today were available in cans in the old days.The only real inference you can draw was that the opener of the can probably didn't have a can opener. Besides the common cylindrical shape we're all familiar with, there were flat rectangular shapes (sardine cans), flattened pyramid shapes (canned meats), hinged boxes (cigars and pills), rectangular tins (cooking oil), oval (powders), and custom-made odd shapes, like log-cabin-shaped syrup containers. Besides tobacco, another common find is condensed milk cans. By ascertaining the exact size, shape, and method of manufacture, you can narrow down the item that may have been in the can. Sometimes by being familiar with the site itself, you can guess what the cans might have contained.For example, these cans at left were found at the Lahontan site.

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