Funny things to say online dating

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Whether you’re trying to cheer her up, make her feel loved, or up the romance factor in your relationship, there are certain words and phrases women just never tire of hearing.So read on, and keep this list handy for the next time you’re at a loss for words.This one is most relevant if you’ve been together for a long time, but it’s still nice to hear in newer relationships.

“Nowadays, most women awake from their slumber and to a man snoring or scrolling through their social media feeds,” Freedman says.

“Telling a woman that she is your best friend comes with the potential of putting sparkles in her eyes,” Karyn says.

“Falling in love with your best friend is a beautiful thing, and to hear these words coming from your partner is basically the dream.” Even if neither of you is a great dancer, dancing “is often associated with great music and celebration,” says Bentley.

Venessa Marie Perry, founder and Chief Relationship Strategist at The Love Write.

And even if she is feeling confident, the compliment will still land.

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