How to overcome shyness in dating

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“Some people actually like corny jokes,” Gersbeck says. There's only so much material you can get out of corn.” Cat just died? “Take a breather every now and then, and just be yourself.There's a good reason we don't hear much from Gallagher anymore.” Humor and irreverence are great ways to deal with crappy situations, but set a limit.Just as you can train and eat right to improve your appearance, hone your conversational skills by engaging with more people and going on more dates, and improve your public speaking skills by getting up in front of people and embarrassing yourself a few times, you can teach yourself to be more funny. “They say it takes 10 years before you really find your voice, so I don't think I'm quite there yet,” says Chris Gersbeck, a New York City-based comic.

Humor doesn’t need to be particularly unique or clever.“I find that drawing from personal experiences is what usually lands the most,” Gersbeck says.“Some of the best comedians base their entire act on self-deprecation.If I was around people I didn’t know well, then it felt like my mind was usually blank … And even when I DID speak up once in a while, my voice always sounded weak, timid and unsure. Other times I felt like I "weirded out" anyone I talked to with my incredible self-consciousness, awkwardness and nervousness.And the most frustrating part was that it felt like I had tried everything to become more confident and social, and it seemed nothing worked...

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