Naked chat with stranger

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I was hoping that this was a sign that she wanted to get sexy in the sunshine later on. We walked along going up the path into the dunes which stretched out before us with lots of little hills and hollows and clumps dune grass here and there which provided shade from the sun and gentle breeze.

We found a good place near the back of the dunes away from the main beach in a small hollow that had dune grass on our right hand side and a sand ridge around ten feet high to our left.

Now I was becoming very excited that he was watching and she didn't know.

So I lifted a hand across her to her left breast and massaged it gently stroking it and lifting it all the time watching the guy in the grass.

I dropped the grass and bent over her and licked her right nipple which felt really warm from the heat of the sun, she giggled again and arched her back pushing her breasts upward towards my mouth allowing me to suck her pink nipple.

It was at this point, from the corner of my eye I saw a guy sitting in between some clumps of dune grass in front of us to the left around fifteen yards away up the slope.

There we would find a quiet spot in the dunes where we would strip off and enjoy the feeling of our nudity in the sunshine.

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Susan still had the hat on her face so was oblivious to this and still squirming while I sucked her engorged nipple between my teeth.

He was obviously deliberately positioned to see us but was pretending to look out to sea as they usually do.

He appeared to be late thirties', maybe early forties and was tanned and seemed quite well built. Susan was still giggling and enjoying the attention to her breast oblivious to the fact that someone was close by obviously intent on watching us.

She wouldn't have been surprised when she felt my right hand leave her breast to stoke lower across her tummy down to her pussy which I discovered was very wet and creamy.

I know she loves outdoor sex yet I was amazed how excited she seemed.

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