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Investigators began looking into Katy's Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Tazewell County earlier this month after allegations emerged that they were giving away the ashes of animals that did not belong to their owners.

Animal rescue volunteer Richie Rich said he made the discovery while he was searching for a lost dog in South Pekin.'We were out there searching for a dog named Cosmo, a great dane,' Rich told local CBS broadcaster WMBD on Thursday.

In remains unclear why the cemetery kept the animals in the freezer.

According to their website, the pet cemetery was opened in 1984, offering pet cremation and burial, as well as online obituaries for deceased pets.

Two men travelling in what was believed to be a grey Mitsubishi Lancer beeped at the Parkinson local, before getting out of their vehicle and attacking him.

Witnesses say one of the offenders punched Mr Powell to the ground before both continued to assault him for 'a period of time'.

But it reminds her that if she moves, the riding crop won’t land precisely where he intends, and she might wind up with welts and and bruises that are off-center and don’t match: Photo is from the Wasteland.

There was a chest freezer outside, along the side of the building that, the closer we got to it, the stronger the smell.'Tazewell County Chief Deputy Jeffrey Lower later told WMBD: 'There were three animals inside it that had been there for some time.

One of those animals had a microchip in the animal.

'When we were making our rounds, close to a pumpkin field where she was last seen, and Kayla noticed some standing water of the cemetery.' Rich, who works with the Trap and Animal Rescue of Peoria (TRAP) organization, said he began searching the cemetery because it would have likely provided the right conditions for a domesticated animal, including water and shelter.

'We pulled in to check for paw prints, didn't see anything, we're immediately met with the smell of what we thought at the time was roadkill...

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