Naughty naked chat room

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"Oh I get mothers in here all the time purchasing items to wear in room 209. Ricky's favorite color is red..why don't I try this one." I said, lifting it from the rack.Precum lubricated my strokes as my fist whipped up and down the length of my brick-hard erection.I was so happy that my son had a long thick dick, it would serve him well in life. Sarah Parker39: don't forget to do your "at home display" this morning ladies. Lori M: left my bedroom door open a tad..sure Kyle got a good look at me unclasping my bra last night. I thought about how much I loved sucking cock and how good I had gotten at it over the years. I suddenly jumped as Dan snuck up behind me and patted my ass. " He giggled "Oh God honey, you scared me." I said, turning towards him. " "No um..about got the lunches together." My girls rushed in and grabbed their lunches, then came Ricky. "Not bad for a thirty-eight year old mom of four." I thought. ****** I stood in a line of excited moms anxiously dancing on my spiked heels. I remember all those guys you sucked off in college." Gail joked.

While he watched my boobies jump, I watched him pull on his pecker.The tiny string of my throng was tucked down between my fleshy half-moons, leaving a practically naked buttocks. Moms all around the room rocked their hips, swinging their asses to the music. Look at the way the cheeks of their asses are jiggling like that! My tongue must have hung to the floor as I watched the twin globes of mom's buns gyrate. Both our moms turned and strode towards us, giving a naughty look and swinging their lush hips to the music.I wagged it teasingly and giggled as I watched his eyes get even bigger. Mom spun around me and appeared at my side with her hand lightly resting on my shoulder. "Well, as you can see, Mom's got 'em." She said, shaking her chest and making her guns rock from side to side. " I sighed excitedly, whipping my first up and down my cock as I watched her boobs swing.I loved the way his tongue hung out as he gawked at my body, beating his young erection furiously. Haha Gail Girl: yes, welcome to the bad club Michelle lol. "Sucking on my handsome boy's big teenage cock, nursing on that shiny cock-head...yummy! I peered down at my mile long cleavage, then over the swell of my breasts down at my pretty feet. R & B music was already playing and we formed a big circle, just like we had the day before.What a beautiful piece of meat Ricky has between his legs, how it stood so high and proud. I let my Sam take a peek between mommy's legs this morning. A little while later while I stood in the kitchen prepared my children's lunches, my mind wandered where it shouldn't. " My nipples hardened and I felt my clitoris throb in a mini orgasm. "Was he still marveling at that wonderful handjob mommy had given him? They were propped in a pair of six inch mules, my toenails freshly painted a pale pink. "You gonna strip this time, or be another shy pussy like yesterday? "Your just jealous that I have a bigger dick." I said, making Ryan laugh. " I stuck out my arm and showed her the one around my wrist. I have given a blowjob before you know." "Oh I know, trust me.

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