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It will be October 21-23, and it will be held in the real-life city that inspired the creation of fictional Stars Hollow: Washington Depot, Connecticut.So what can you expect at this celebration of our favorite mother-daughter duo?While pictures have been leaking out from the set everywhere you turn, and ran a feature on it last week, Netflix has now released the first official seven pictures.From the images it appears that Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson) are still a couple, which will thrill most fans. The list of returning cast members has swollen to over 40 with Melissa Mc Carthy – who played Sookie the chef – confirming just last week that she would indeed return for at least some presence on the show.Not only that, the weekend will be stuffed with the full Stars Hollow experience with events like a knit-a-thon, plenty of coffee, tea at the local inn, antique shopping, a screening of the series premiere and finale along with ten episodes voted on by attendees, coffee, trivia, cake tasting, and oh, did we mention cast, and offered them all an open invitation to attend.So far it looks like a handful of the cast will actually be there!You can expect appearances from Jackson Douglas, Rini Bell, Aris Alvarado, Biff Yeager, Kelly Bishop, Yanic Truesdale, Vanessa Marano, and Ted Rooney—and hopefully more!

Mitchell Gregorio, who will likely be playing one of Lane's twins, has already taken to Instagram and will soon be breaking the internet with his cuteness. [A tragedy like that] brings up thoughts of, "Where am I? And I know from my experience, that the first year [after losing a loved one] is awful.

would get a new life on Netflix nine years after ending its run in 2007, speculation has been running wild. Will Rory end up with Jess, Dean, or Logan, or someone else entirely?

And most importantly: We may not know the answers to those questions yet, but we do know lots of other things about the revival.

Sherman-Palladino had let it be known early on in the run that she had always known what the final four words of the series would be, but never got to hear them as she wasn’t with the series when it ended.

Netflix has now commissioned four 90-minute movies that will pick up nine years after the end of the series, and it has been confirmed that they will indeed end with those fateful four words.

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