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Later in 2009, several of the old, dormant units were revived. and v-u-den all returned with new line-ups, and High-King returned from hiatus with its original members.

These groups became a new concert unit, "Champloo".

Konno became the first person to have graduated from Hello! In October, Tsunku established a new unit, the Nice Girl Project! In February 2007, Cute officially debuted with the single Sakura Chirari. Project started the Taiwanese "Morning Family New Star Audition"; an audition aimed at recruiting new Taiwanese members to join Hello! In September it was announced that, as a result of the Taiwanese auditions, the group Ice Creamusume 2008 also marked the first time in a decade that Morning Musume had no performed at the annual Kōhaku Uta Gassen event, after ten consecutive appearances. Project member to appear on that year's show was Mai Satoda, marking the first appearance of a member of Country Musume. Project would begin a series of auditions in South Korea.—featuring 21 groups and 72 members.The company was founded on May 7, 1953 and is headquartered in Saitama, Japan.She has had main roles in several anime shows including as Akiko in Bungo Stray Dogs, Haruka Haruno / Cure Flora in Go! It markets the following brands: Divalo, Chambre, Birthday, Majolica, Lapsen, Ank Ank, POLO, Champion, futafuta, Lagkaw, Candy Cat, Conoco, Azul, Anap Way, Brand Outer, Adent, Avail, Shimamura in Taiwan and Shimala in Shanghai. It operates through the Japan and Overseas segments.

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