You date Frederikssund

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The name appears to stem from Rand (hillside) and Aros (river mouth) and probably means "town on the hillside by the river mouth".

The modern form Randers was first came into use at the end of the 17th century.

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Trade by sea was facilitated through the Gudenå River, entering Randers Fjord.Icelandic Randrosi (Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla, 1230), and Rondrus, Randrøs (Valdemar's Census Book, 1231).Other early forms provide Randersborg and Randershusen.Bathroom is pretty clean, which is what I care about the most. Approximately a 15 min walk from central station and next to many bus stops.The street is also safe and has many shopping / grocery ...

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